Race 2

In much better conditions than yesterday, race two of the weekend got underway. 

Jimmy got a great start and passed a few competitors going into the first turn.

Vernon also got past Russell Ingall in the early laps and was trucking on nicely to continue moving forward.   

The safety car was deployed to recover the stranded VW of Alexandra Whitley.

On the restart Vernon made gains on the group ahead. He passed Alex Rullo into the first turn after a great run out of the last corner.   

He pulled a small gap only to run wide and make the grass. Rullo had nowhere to go and the two made contact.

Jimmy made it back to the pits only to be told the damage was too great to continue.

"This isn't how I wanted the weekend to finish… The team have worked really hard with me throughout the course of the weekend and it looked like we were finally on for a decent result. It was a little mistake and I've paid the consequences." Stated a dejected Vernon.

"I apologise to the team, my sponsors and all of the supporters who are pushing me along…"

The team has made the call and Vernon will not be contesting race three due to extensive damage to the front of the Alfa Romeo.